Important Dates

Reach Teach Induction & Clear Credentialing Program

TICC Orientation Locations

August 7th, 2018: Rocketship Mosaic Elementary, 950 Owsley Avenue, San Jose, CA 95122; Room 120
August 9th, 2018: Ginn Large, 660 13th Street, Oakland, CA 94612
August 21st, 2018: Learning Lab at Rocketship Fuerza Community Prep, 70 S. Jackson Ave. San Jose, CA 95116
August 22nd, 2018: Room 2 Growth Public Schools, 9320 Tech Center Dr, Sacramento, CA 95826
August 30th, 2018: Nile Hall, 668 13th Street, Oakland, CA 94612
September 5th, 2018:  CANCELLED
September 27th, 2018: Robinson A Classroom, 1204 Preservation Park Way, Oakland, CA 94612

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