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Students of color in low-income schools are 3 to 10 times more likely to have unqualified teachers than students in predominantly White schools.

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Schools with more African American and Hispanic teachers have increased representation of African American and Hispanic students in gifted programs, and African American students with teachers of the same race had reduced rates of exclusionary discipline.

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Students without early exposure to math in the foundational years are more likely to fall behind, not just in more advanced STEM classes, but also in their careers.

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Reach is an urban teachers college that prepares teachers and school leaders to serve in high need schools and districts in the Bay Area. The students served by Reach candidates are primarily students of color, English language learners, Newcomers/recently arrived students, and low-income youth in local communities. Our mission is to improve schools by improving instruction and ensure all students across the Bay Area have access to highly qualified educators. To date, Reach has trained over 2,000 educators and partnered with over 70 schools and districts across the region which has impacted the lives of over 75,000 students.

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